JFE Accounting Department : Nami Lee

Nami currently serves in JFE’s Accounting Department as the manager of Accounts Payable and Receivable. Lee has been with JFE for a year and a half, having started in reception and taking on increased responsibility matching her abilities as JFE continued to grow.

“I got to know many of the chefs when I worked in reception, so that familiarity helps me, especially as the company gets larger and larger,” she said.
JFE is unique among franchise management companies in that our host client kiosk system lets chefs focus on food production and customer service without having to manage a point of sale. But this advantage also presents an important goal for the organization: in handling that money, we want franchises to get paid in a timely fashion. So in supervising the smooth flow of sales money, Lee has one of the most important roles in franchisee satisfaction.

When I put myself in [franchisees’] position,
it’s easier to solve their issues.

It’s kind of confusing because I’m a bigger girl, Dalbesio says. I’m not the biggest girl on the market but I’m definitely bigger than all the girls [Calvin Klein] has ever worked with, so that is really intimidating. She wasn’t sure, she said of the shoot, what was expected from her in terms of her size or shape.

She first learned about JFE from a friend who knew a current employee. Since she’s witnessed so many changes, we asked her how her opinion of the company has changed since she started.
“I thought at first it must be hard to make so many chefs happy when we were communicating with stores across a big country,” Lee recalled. “What I found, though, was JFE was also adding a lot of talented, new team members who were constantly improving the processes.”
“So I became excited to be a part of that team and offer new ideas and grow with the company,” she said.

When asked about Lee, her co-workers mention her people skills, but it’s clear she also takes her job very seriously. “Getting the checks out on time depends on a lot of factors such as the client company (the grocers and other clients) issuing the money on time, the postal service and internal processes here before I issue the check. It’s really important to me to pay every franchisee on time,” she emphasized.

Lee has lived in JFE’s headquarters city of Houston for more than 10 years. When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with her family and 9-year old son, playing keyboard, playing with her dog, and reading.
“I love communicating with chefs, so I really like my job,” Lee added. “When I put myself in their position, it’s easier to solve their issues. So when they’re happy, I’m happy, too.”

Asked her final thoughts with this chance to communicate to all the chefs at once, Lee smiled and offered in her native Korean 대박나세요 (dae bak na se yo) “Make a lot of money, and enjoy your life!”