Target of Opportunity


Millennials are…


They are all races and income levels, and their digital behavior–how they use mobile devices and the internet to shop–is often more based on their generation than their race. For example, 22% of our black guests who use the internet are Twitter users compared with 16% of online whites.* (see tweets on our Customer Love section, here)

More educated and adventurous about food than previous generations

Using websites and apps like Yelp and Instagram, they communicate their customer service experience and culinary likes and dislikes–complete with color photos—instantly to all their friends and family (who, in turn, pass the opinion on to their friends).

Talking about you right now

They are the first generation to grow up using computers and social media in every aspect of their lives…at school, at home, and in your store! And they’re the only people who’ll still be our grab-n-go customers 10, 20 and 30 years from now, with increased income each year!

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