Target of Opportunity – Third Edition


From November to December, Snowfox once again held our annual Holiday Party Tray Promotion Contest, and we’re happy to congratulate Lian Cin Mang of King Soopers 130 in Colorado Springs for being the top seller in the nation.

Thanks to the hard work of the KS 130 team and so many of you, sushi is no longer a secret to thousands of your customers. We’re so grateful for your efforts that this year we rewarded franchisees with over $50,000 in free label rolls!

But your success also highlights an opportunity you might be missing on all the other holidays and weekends of the year.
If you recall from this segment in our first edition of The Standard, almost half of grocery customers surveyed still have a negative view of sushi. We’re sure you agree that most of them are people who haven’t tried sushi yet. Your party platters are so beautiful that once they become a party centerpiece in someone’s home or office, they’ll be irresistible to sushi

Will you commit to making party trays every week as the secret weapon for expanding your business?