Let’s Get Excited! : Mar. ~ Apr. 2016


It’s been said by more than one business leader that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. You’ve probably noticed from some big hints in our previous editions of The Standard that we’re exploring new foods and service formats.

It can seem whimsical, especially when we’re already doing so well, but your success and the success of our six restaurants (Yes, the number is six now!) have expanded our idea of what’s possible in connecting with new guests. This imagination has always been part of our personality and is actually essential to our survival and growth! So in this edition we’ll share some research we’re conducting.

Why, you might ask, if I operate a grocery sushi franchise, should our other concepts be important to me?

We would, in turn, ask: In addition to a new customer buying sushi based on your sampling, how would you feel if you got a steady increase of first-time customers because they recognized our brand name?

Due in large part to your smiles and skill, we maintain a large deli sushi market share in grocers like Kroger, WinCo Foods, Cub Foods and others. But right now when most customers tell their friends about you, they’re not saying “Snowfox sushi”—so the friend might go into any store and try our competitor’s product.

We want those customers to see your signs, labels, and uniform and know they’ve found the company their friend loves so much. And when your sales increase, our client banners win, too!

Snowfox wants to capture diners’ imagination as we fill a gap in the market for high-end, fresh, convenient Asian food. We look forward to updating you as we decide which new cuisines fit our brand goals. Let’s grow together!