Proper Sauce Application


by Chef Jae Bae, JFE Executive Chef, R & D

Masterpiece or disaster?


What’s a more distinctive feature of our American-influenced sushi than our sauces? Not only have spicy mayo, eel/sushi sauce, and now even sriracha helped us create new sushi fans, they’re so delicious that we sell them by the bottle as part of our private brand offerings.

However, sauce application can make or break the contemporary culinary art that is sushi. In the hands of an amateur (maybe it was you once) a bottle of the orange stuff can create a special little disaster in a box!

This is pretty simple, as you’ll see in the photo instructions, but the most common mistake new sushi chefs make is creating a random design with the sauce. Your sushi will be much more appealing if you use a consistent pattern. It doesn’t take any more time than a messy application, and I know you’ll be pleased with the results.

One final note—if dressing a roll with more than one sauce, apply the heavier or thicker sauce first, otherwise the heavy one may just sink into the lighter sauce and create a mess. Make your sushi a masterpiece by not neglecting this beautiful finishing touch!