Target of Opportunity – May/Jun 2016


For all our host grocers’ dedication to signs advertising sandwiches, wings, and other party food, we can all agree sushi has the visual edge in color and variety. And these days customers want high-end food for their guests (getting it at a reasonable price compared to restaurants is an additional bonus). If you start surveying customers the week before a holiday, you can count on increased sales and even dozens of new customers after the holiday.

As we often say at Snowfox, our business is show business, and you, our chef, are accustomed to being the star. But holidays are also a great chance for our customer to be the star! You’ve seen the reactions and heard the oohs and ahhs when your in-store guests tried sushi for the first time and loved it. As you talk with customers a few days before a holiday, help them imagine their guests having the same reaction!

Depending on the customer’s budget and time, they don’t even have to purchase a party platter—you can get a sales bump and win over new customers just by selling them an extra package or two to present on their own tray in their living room. So suggest how they can “wow” guests and watch your sales soar!