WinCo Foods 55 and 59 : Lian Hram


Chef: Lian Hram
Store: WinCo Foods 55 and 59
City: Clovis and Fresno, California
Average Weekly Sales: $9,000 and $14,000

What I like about my sushi bar being in WinCo Foods
They’re so busy, which is great for sales. The customers are really friendly, and I feel the same friendliness and a lot of support from WinCo’s team.
What I’d be doing if I wasn’t operating sushi bars
I’ve actually been a pastor, but I’ve been working on finishing my formal theological studies. Right now, though it’s tough managing everything sometimes, this business has been a blessing for my family and me. So I plan to keep operating sushi bars but with my wife playing a larger part in the business. She’s very strong, so I think we can balance the two careers.
Advice I would give a new franchisee
Work hard. That’s the key. The harder you work, the better results. And follow the rules from JFE. The guidelines and principles are actually made for us, the franchisees, to be successful.
One of the biggest challenges I’ve overcome in my life
Beyond working to develop my business, simply adjusting a new country has been challenging. Only eight years ago I came to the U.S. from Burma. My village in Chin State, which borders India and Bangladesh, was so poor we didn’t even have running water. Almost everything was different here!
I never saw myself as someone who’d be able to manage something like this. But after starting this business, I have more confidence, and I think, “Wow! This is great.” My background and the blessing of having this business have also given me more care and concern for people like me.