Notice : July. ~ Aug. 2016


Our Strategy on New Container Regulations

Per our memo dated August 18, New Container Regulations, chefs should stop using any containers with the FDA’s #6 symbol (rigid polystyrene and Styrofoam). We also let you know this transition by the FDA to containers marked 1, 2, and 5 was one of the factors in our decision to phase in your newest Snowfox packaging.

In addition to minimizing your risk of unwanted attention from health authorities and of facing government financial penalties, we had seen a gradual increase in negative customer feedback about our previous non-biodegradable package. So our goal in all policies and procedures is to minimize your expenses while keeping your business competitive.

Please note that in some cities you may have a marketing opportunity through stickers available from the city that will inform customers of your compliance. However, approval of affixing stickers to your sneeze guard will be up to your host grocer.

New Items

As of this edition, in Ohio we were proud to roll out our Buckeye Roll at that Kroger region’s request. The roll has the ingredients of a Philly Roll, but it’s then rolled in cornflakes, cut, and the pieces presented on their sides topped with crab salad and two sauces, a spicier sushi sauce and a sauce of mayo and mirin. We hope to update you next edition on how it’s been received sales-wise.


We’re excited to have launched sales of our newest Private Brand item, Crispy Fried Onions, during this period. See your emailed memo of July 22 for important details. The bag is 14.11 ounces and, if kept in stock and discussed with your customers, should satisfy reported customer cravings for this specialty item.


Dumpling Day

Following the success of our International Sushi Day promotion in June, we will celebrate National Dumpling Day on Monday, September 26 with a special price of $2.99. Surveying your customers about dumplings at least a week before the promotion will help ensure your success. Remember each location will recoup $1 per package sold. For more reasons to take advantage of special promotions, read this edition’s Target of Opportunity.