Target of Opportunity – July/August 2016


1. Entice first-time customers
2. Amaze your guests with value, creating loyalty
3. Allow you to be a part of driving overall store traffic
4. Make customers put YOU on their SCHEDULE!

Use promotions to reward loyal customers and attract new ones.

As one of our regional managers reminds us in this edition, the old adage still applies: you have to spend money to make money. So embracing special promotions like $5 Sushi can actually stimulate your sales and build customer loyalty.

In the first 34 weeks of this year, we sold more than 158,000 packages of $5 Sushi for a total of more than $791,000 in sales! So indications are strong we’ll keep using this promotion to drive traffic. (See My Story, p.11 for one successful franchisee’s analysis).

Like us, fast casual restaurants from Smashburger to Chipotle to Panera Bread target middle- to upper-middle income guests. This certainly contributes to their current average ticket running in the $7 to $8 range. These guests can be the toughest, but, as you’ve probably learned, they’re also the most loyal. Imagine their joy when they can indulge in a bargain and add an extra visit to your sushi bar each week. Even better, they might use the sale to convert a friend. And if you can introduce customers on a budget to our lower price points, that’s a bonus.

For the untapped customer market who haven’t tried sushi yet, the sushi rolls we offer on $5 days are also the rolls most friendly to beginner’s tastes. Use $5 Sushi to add new customers and make a weekly appointment with your current customers!

In 2014, according to market research firm NPD Group, as cited by, the average ticket for fast casual chains studied over a 12-month period was $7.40.