Target of Opportunity – Sep/Oct 2016


Each day you encounter potential new customers, including store employees who will speak about you to their friends and family. How our chefs and our Snowfox kiosks look are the first judgments customers will make before they ever taste our food. Taking just a few minutes each day will help you keep your edge over the competition and do justice to your creations!

Cleanliness Tips

– Make your case shine

Wipe the metallic trim on your case several times daily with a clean, dry cloth

– Maintain your uniform

Keep a wet cloth on hand to use only for touching up spots on your jacket. Show guests they’re fans of a world class food company!

– Note the visible condition of equipment

Whether you’re using the store’s sample equipment, Snowfox’s, or your own, keep it clean–it’s the one piece of equipment that most customers will see even if they’re only trying a sample

– Keep an eye on your customer area

Tell store management immediately about any water or food on the floor near your kiosk; if it becomes a repeat problem that requires maintenance, be sure to log the time and name of the manager you informed!

Even something as small as an old or dirty sample cup holder can leave a bad first impression on your guest.