Brick and Burrow


With holiday anticipation and reflection on the year’s achievements, November always bustles with excitement for Snowfox, but this one was truly special. Coming right on the heels of adding our grocery division’s Michigan region, the launch of our first U.S. cafés completed a memorable year.

Westfield Santa Anita, just northeast of Los Angeles, is the home of our first shopping mall kiosk. This diversification of Snowfox’s retail settings has been a long-time goal of ours. Host property management company Westfield, founded in Australia, manages more than 30 American retail centers in eight states.

Never shy about making dramatic entrances (see previous editions’ Brick and Burrow segment for more on our Seoul cafés), we opened our New York City location the same week as our first west coast café. Our Flatiron store is right across the street from beautiful Madison Square Park and a New York stone’s throw from famed Madison Square Garden sporting arena and the Empire State Building. Welcome to all the new Snowfoxes working hard to bring chef-prepared grab-n-go to America’s two largest cities!