Let’s Get Excited! – Nov.~Dec.


You might recall that in our last edition we proudly previewed our big Michigan expansion. We can now update you that, as of December 1, we had opened 19 new Snowfox sushi bars there. And, in addition to one January store opening, our next 11 Michigan locations are slated for February! We’re now delighted to show you some fun photos of the hard-working folks making it happen on the ground (page 3).
Some additional quick facts: Michigan will put our total number of domestic retail kiosks at 625. Our newest region also adds more than 30 first-time Snowfox franchisees to our family.
So it’s also fitting that we publish The Standard’s first interview with our president and reflect on how we got here. Get to know Stacy and read how we’re doing, but we also encourage you to thumb through our seven previous magazines for insights ranging from culinary tips to improving sales!

As an acclaimed business author and, more recently, a Seoul restaurateur, our founder Jim Kim is now an in-demand university lecturer in his native Korea. At our headquarters we get to see occasional photos of him teaching giant groups of smiling students, but recently we were surprised by an in-person visit from one of his classes!
Thirty students from Chung-Ang University’s Global Food Management Program visited our Houston headquarters in October as the Chairman’s guests. More than 33,000 students attend their Seoul university, which was founded in 1918.
As is our frequent practice with visitors, we hosted a Q & A session where the students engaged with our headquarters team, learning real-world applications of what they’re studying. Many of them told us they were avid readers of Mr. Kim’s business books even before the course. Some of the visiting students were also already small business owners in their own right, making for a great two-way conversation with our team!
In our 2016 management workshops, the Chairman spelled out a new management vision for the company, and through the class his Seoul students have been getting real-time insights into its development. Though we’ll expand on that vision in an upcoming magazine edition, in short it’s a philosophy for making every decision only after considering its impact on each stakeholder such as our customers, our clients, our suppliers, and our employees. We enjoyed exploring the philosophy’s real-world applications on the students’ visit and sharing with them our plans for 2017. On that note, we invite you to enjoy this edition as we celebrate your small business achievements. Until next time, keep dreaming big!