Target of Opportunity – Nov/Dec 2016



and your reputation

You may look at your client grocer teammates as a support network or even, occasionally, as an obstacle to your job. But no matter how different some store employees’ personality or priorities may seem from yours, we all should have the same goal: a great customer experience. As we’ve illustrated in The Standard before, being well-liked by grocery team members can be a wise investment if you’re ever criticized unfairly by an employee or customer (see The Secret of the Fox in our January/February 2016 edition).

Let’s treat grocery employees with the same respect we reserve for our guests. Another reason to build that bridge, if you still need one, is that store associates are one of your most important marketing resources. Each employee has dozens of family members and friends who ask them their opinions on your store’s products like sushi. Treating a team member badly because of a disagreement or not following the same standards they’re held to—like food safety and break behavior—risks alienating those who could be your best marketers. Find your shared goals, build your reputation in the community, and watch your sales grow!