Franchising Dept. Assistant – Jun Min Kwak


In order to provide the best services and answers to our franchise owners, SNOWFOX has many different departments and people working in them. Some you will never meet face to face, some just once, and others you will meet multiple times face to face. Jun Min is one of the people you will meet multiple times.
Who is Jun-Min? As an assistant manager of Franchise Department, many of the franchise owners have meet Jun-Min at least once before when signing the contract or having a meeting to start up the stores.

Due to this, Jun-Min is one of our better known face of the SNOWFOX.
So who is this face of the SNOWFOX and what does he do exactly?
Though many of us has seen him multiple times, he has only started working with us February of 2016. Originally from Tucson Arizona, Jun-Min was working at Jimmy John’s as a manager looking for an opportunity to grow and find “the” job for himself. Originally we almost missed having him as the friendly face that everyone goes through, because he applied as a Co-Manager of Arizona.
As to the question whether he is happy that he got a different job from what he originally applied for, he said “I applied for Co-Manager position in Arizona, but I am happy that I got the job at a Franchise department, I enjoy talking to new people and helping to aid them towards success. I am very happy and satisfied with the job as it brings sense of fulfillment.”

So after working for almost a year and a half at our company, what is Jun-Min doing?
“I am actually taking an online class from Harvard for Contract Law and Franchise Law, so I can aid the owners more efficiently and with more knowledge,” Jun-Min said with a glistening joy in his face. “As the person who guides owners with the Franchise Disclosure Document, I would want to give 110% to explain and help them understand it thoroughly. In order to do so, I decided that I wanted to learn about contracts more thoroughly myself.”