Sampling tips / sales tips


Always put what is being sampled right next to the sampling stand.
– Sampling item should be right next to the sampling stand for easy grabs after demonstration.
– Look at the carts to determine what kind of sushi to recommend.
– If the cart consists of fried food or chips, recommend something with sauce or one of the crunch rolls.
– If the cart consists mainly of healthy vegetables or food, recommend something with less calories or healthier.
– By looking at the contents of the cart, you can guess what kind of food they usually like to eat or is currently looking for.

Get attention of the children first and parents will follow
Whatever sushi that you want to sell, recommend as the “top seller of the week.”
Strongly emphasize how they are made daily and only kept for one day
Sampling is all about interaction with the customer, do not have the samples sitting out for customers to grab and walk away.
– Ask if the customer wants sample, than prep one and hand it over to the customer as you explain about our sushi.
Some people directly relate “sushi” = “Raw Fish.” Try to introduce the rolls by their names instead of asking if they want to try “Sushi” sample.