Notice : June 2017


– Hyun Jun R&D
Our previous Regional Manager Hyun Jun has been promoted as a head of R & D department. It will be sad to not be able to see him on field anymore, but please do congratulate him and hope that he can come up with great new menu

David Lee, Kangwoo Lee, Jason Jeon, Paul Yi

New employees
– Kangwoo, Jason, David, Paul
We have also gotten four new workers for our company
• Kangwoo Lee (Warehouse manager)
• Jason Jeon (Office Administrator)
• David Lee (Operation Assitant)
• Paul Yi (Business Development)

New ordering system

– In order to eliminate the hassle of filling out the order sheet and emailing it to submit the Label Order for our chefs, we at JFE Franchising will be introducing a new Online Label Ordering System.