Sam’s Club opening


The Alamo, Six Flags, Riverwalk. San Antonio, Texas offers everything from amusement park, historical landmark, to beautiful natural sights. Only thing it was missing was Snow Fox sushi, until now. Snow fox has arrived at the dessert of San Antonio!
We were able to open 5 brand new stores within the San Antonio, TX region this year. It is always exciting to open a new store at a new region. We have never had a store in San Antonio until now, and will be expanding to open more stores in San Antonio very soon.

In order to help set up and prep for the new store, our Senior Director of Operations, Regional Manager, and Co-Managers help out with the opening. It is a very tough market to enter into, as most of the sushi in the city of San Antonio is dominated by our competitor, but we are pulling strong.


Sam’s Club 4914
Sam’s Club 8262
Sam’s Club 8262
Sam’s Club 6416