Top Selling Rolls by Region – May1 to June31, 2017


Fry’s Food Stores (Arizona)
1. Buckeye Roll
2. California Crunch Roll
3. Sushi Combo
4. New York Crunch Roll
5. Dumpling

Kroger (Arkansas)
1. California Combo
2. New York Crunch Roll
3. California Crunch Roll
4. Mixed Combo #3
5. Spicy California Roll

Kroger (Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee)
1. California Roll
2. Spicy California Roll
3. California Combo
4. California Crunch Roll
5. Smoked Salmon Roll

King Soopers and City Market (Colorado, Wyoming)
1.California Roll
2.Sushi Combo
3.California Combo
4.California Crunch Roll
5.New York Crunch Roll

Kroger (Ohio, West Virginia)
1.California Crunch Roll
2.California Roll
3.Spicy California Roll
4.Buckeye Roll
5.California Combo

Kroger (Texas)
2.California Combo
3.California Roll
4.Spicy California Roll
5.California Crunch Roll

Smith’s (Utah, Nevada)
1.New York Crunch Roll
2.California Combo
3.California Roll
4.California Salad Roll
5.Spicy California Roll