Sam’s Club 8264 – San Antonio : Fiona


Chef: Fiona
Store: SC8264
City: San Antonio

Fiona is one of the chef that just opened up a store in Sam’s club San Antonio!
She is originally from New York but actually came to Texas to start a sushi business with JFE! She has actually heard about the business from her friend and decided to roll in to the business of sushi!

Where I’m from
I was born in China but moved to New York. I have just moved into a new apartment in San Antonio for the store opening.
We actually just moved end of April before opening.
My husband and I still does not have all the furniture in, so we are sleeping on the floor until the mattress comes in.

Toughest part about operating a Snowfox kiosk
I’m comfortable with most of the jobs and it is not as tough since my husband and I both work instead of me alone. But the hardest part of everything has been working inside of the freezer making sushi. It just is so cold that I have to wear multiple layers of clothing to keep warm while we work.

Was it helpful having someone from the company come help?
Yes, it was very helpful to have Kevin and David come in to help us prepare everything and help us open and stay with us for the first few days. I even asked David if he can stay couple more days to help out because the JFE company team was very helpful.