Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey


Year of 2017 has been a very tough one for everyone everywhere.
We here at JFE Franchising has been directly hit by flood and hurricane damage that were caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.
As everyone was recovering from the damages of the flood and hurricane, JFE wanted to help our franchisees.
In order to help our franchisees and the Houston Community, we decided to donate $10,000 to the Houston Community and directly supported our franchises who were affected by the hurricane.
We at JFE wants you guys to know that we are here to help and support our franchisees. We see our chefs as parts of our community and family and would love to be there to help in case of any emergency.
We hope that everyone is doing well now and have successfully recovered from the damages that were caused by the hurricane.
We wish you guys all a happy holiday and a great new year!