Franchising Dept. Assistant – Mia Han



Continuing our introduction of the Franchise Department, we will introduce the second most seen face of the Franchise Department. Ms. Mia!
Most of us might be more familiar with her voice than her face as she is the voice of the Franchise Department that most chefs hear when they call for help or any other reason that is related to opening a store.
Who is Mia? As an assistant manager of Franchise Department, many of the franchise owners have heard Mia’s voice at least once before when they got a call or called to inquire about anything related to franchising and FDD.
Due to this, Mia is one of our better known voice of the SNOWFOX.
So who is this well-known voice of the SNOWFOX and what does she do exactly?
Though many of us has gotten many calls or called her, she has only started working with us starting August of 2016. Originally from an accounting department of a legal office, Mia was looking for a job that her heart can settle on. Originally we almost missed having her as the friendly voice that everyone goes through, because when she first heard about our company, we did not have the position that she currently holds available.
As to the question whether she is happy that she started a different career from what she was originally doing, she said “Now, I do a different job from what I used to do at an accounting department, but I am very happy and satisfied with what I do. I feel the joy and satisfaction when I help our chefs who are in needs of help with contract or any difficult issues they need help solving.”
So after working for almost a year and a half at our company, what is Mia doing?
“I enjoy helping our owners solve any questions or issue that they might have the most,” Mia said with a big smile that most of chefs do not get to see over the phone. “As the person who guides owners with the Franchise Disclosure Document and any other issues, I wanted to make sure that owners can feel like we are a partner who they can rely on, not just a company that signs contract with.”