Sampling tips/ sales tips


■ Effects of sampling and the reasoning behind it.

■ Normally we strongly recommend and enforce sampling to our owners and there are couple of reasons why we do so.

1.Sampling brings in new customers.
• It grabs those customers who walk into the store without knowing what they want on their mind. They are hungry and grabbing there attention will lead to sales

2.Sampling brings in old customers.
• Sometimes a quick reminder is all that it takes to bring in old customers who forgot about us.

3.Sampling brings the opportunity
• Sampling to a person who never had sushi can lead to build up of a new customer base

4.How long you sample matters
• It does not matter how many customers are in the store at the time of sampling. Sampling is the tool used to increase sales and customers when the sales is low and there are small customers. Use the tool generously.

■ As an example, we introduce our chef Chong Mi Kim. Her and her husband had a store that started off with a sales number that did not satisfy them. Instead of giving up and making less sushi, they started sampling from 11am to 6pm all day every day. Now there sales increased 100% and is still going up.

■ It is very important to remember that sampling is there to increase sales on less busy days.

Please also remember that the Sampling is REQUIRED as part of our contract with our retailers.
Deli merchandisers do communicate on a weekly bases with our regional managers to notify us on sampling compliance