Sam’s Club – Austin : Chong Mi Kim


Chef: Chong Mi Kim
Store: SC
City: Austin

Chong Mi Kim is one of the chef that just opened up a store in Sam’s club Austin!
Her and her husband have been working near Austin but actually came to Austin to start a sushi business with JFE!
They started off with low sales due to many hardships but with hard work and sampling diligently, they now doubled the sales they started off with!

What she used to do

They used to make sushi at a different location for almost 10 years when they decided to take a break and try something different. After taking a short break, they decided to come back to Sushi business and chose JFE as their partner to restart with!

Toughest part about operating a Snowfox kiosk

“Toughest part of my job is working in a cooler in the morning.” She said that because she used to make sushi at a kiosk, working inside of the cooler was the hardest part of the change that she had to get used to.

How did you almost double the sales of the store?

“We are used to making quality sushi, as we have been doing sushi for over 10 years. But what is different from before is that I sample almost 7 hours a day constantly. It is hard work but watching the sales grow and people buying sushi makes all the tiredness go away.”