Tip of the day with Mr. Aung

Aung Si Thu

Violation tickets Explained

Violation tickets are hard to understand and sometimes our chefs do not realize what they were doing wrong until they receive the ticket.
So today, we will go over every violation listed on the ticket with Mr. Aung our Food Safety Manager.

1) Not Sampling During Required Times: $100
• JFE standard time of sampling is from 11:00am~01:00pm and 4:00pm~6:00pm.
• When our managers visit the store within the stated time, they will issue a ticket of $100 so please follow the time closely.

2) Not using JFE private brand products: $100
• In order to do a quality control and maintain steady and same standard for our sushi, we enforce usage of JFE private brand from our approved vendors only.

• These items include but are not limited to:
1. Any fish items
– Salmon, Tuna, Crab Stick, Eel, Shredded Crab, Ebi, and etc.
2. Any dry ingredients
– Nori, Tempura Shrimp, Ginger, Wasabi
3. Any sauces
– Soy Sauce, Spicy Mayo, Sushi Sauce
4. Any containers
– Sushi Cases

• These are few of the things that are included in our private brand products.

3) Unable to produce food establishment license: $50
• Legally all of our sushi kiosk is required to have food establishment license. When the managers visits the store for inspection and you cannot provide food establishment license, it will be a $50 penalty, so please have it on display.

4) Complaint from client or health department: $100
• If we receive a direct complaint from the store or the health department, we have to address the issue promptly and take action.

5) Re-Selling yesterday’s sushi: $200
• This is the violation with the highest penalty amount

1. Re-selling includes:
Re-selling yesterday’s leftover sushi with new date on
Re-using any ingredients of yesterday’s leftover sushi
Re-using yesterday’s sushi case from leftover sushi
Re-using Ginger, Wasabi, or Soy Sauce from yesterday’s leftover sushi and etc.
• Re-using any of these items can result in penalty of $200 and can lead to termination if caught by the store or health inspector

6) Incorrect use of label: $100
• This include using different sushi item label
• Using price part of different sushi item label on current item we have
• Using non JFE label for lower price or unauthorized promotion of sales

7) Not following JFE written procedures/ operation standards: $100
• JFE procedures are very clearly stated on SSOP and Franchise Disclosure Document. Please follow them strictly.

8) Not participating in JFE Promotion
• This includes but are not limited to

1. International Sushi Day promotion of California Roll
2. International Dumpling Day promotion
3. Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Party Tray Promotion
4. And etc.

9) No PH meter/buffer solutions/distilled water
• As stated on our SSOP and Franchise Disclosure Document and legally required by the health inspection office, rice must be checked every time they are made, hence all of these solutions are required.

10) Unsanitary prep area
• This can include anywhere from dirty prep table and cutting board to having trash on top of it

11) Time/Temperature/pH log not updated
• As mentioned in the SSOP, it is required by the local health department to have a log available and updated accordingly. Please have them updated and kept within the kiosk for inspections.

12) Chef not available during business hours
• Our business hour varies according to the store. Please make sure to be there during the listed hours and especially during the required sampling time.

13) Phone use, personal items/food in prep area
• Phone, water bottle, food, books, wallet, and etc cannot be within the prep area.

14) Failure to follow proper hand washing procedure
• Again, mandated by the government, hand must be washed according to the proper procedure everytime one handles food.

15) Failure to demonstrate pH calibration or pH test
• pH test must be performed everyday hence one must be able to use pH tester to test pH level upon request

16) No wearing full JFE uniform
• When working inside of the kiosk, one must always have full JFE uniform
1. This includes chef’s hat, chef’s jacket, black pants, and black shoes, apron, and name tag

17) Failure to follow proper cooling procedure

18) Not using approved source products
• Source of all the products being used by the JFE franchisees must be a source approved by JFE

19) Not using NSF approved containers

20) Metal probe thermometer not available

21) No Servd Manager or Handlers certification

22) Third party audit critical violation charge
• This is in case our third party audit finds any violation while inspecting

23) Others